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This is a growing collection which curates my workflow creations for Alfred. Some of them are Terminal friendly.

†: Powerpack is required to enable certain functions.

This page is also available in Chinese, see 漢語版.


Other features


Frosty Dark Frosty Light
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I use the Frosty theme family created by myself. They are Frosty Light and Frosty Dark, originally created to fit into macOS Mojave when Dark Mode was firstly introduced. Now they are updated for macOS Big Sur!


Please refer to the list AlfredSnippets.

Web Searches

Web Search (in Alfred Preferences -> Web Search) enables fast queries from a website by its URL. Given its simplicity, why do I still bother to introduce it here? Because knowing what it can do is far from know how to do it. Here I will propose a few suggestions that could boost your efficiency.

If you find the one that fancy you, just copy & paste the link to your browser to load it. The icon has to be loaded manually.

Wolfram|Alpha Logo MathWorld Logo SEP Logo red/SEP Logo white/SEP Logo black
Wolfram|Alpha Wolfram MathWorld Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy*

Suppose you are solving a question:

How many times faster it is to solve TSP (Travelling Salesperson Problem), by using dynamic-programming-based algorithm ($n!$) than using brute force search algorithm ($n^2 2^n$), given that n=100?

The solution is obtained by computing $frac{100!}{100^{2}times 2^{100}}$. It could be done in just one line:

alpha 100!/(100^2 * 2^100)

illustration and you will see the following result in Wolfram|Alpha: illustration Powerful, innit?


The default keyword is alpha.

Wolfram MathWorld

For checking definitions in maths, stats and computer science.


The default keyword is math.

Standford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

A good (actually the best) reference for philosophy. The official dashboard widget is so dumb that cannot be easily used nowadays. Alfred provides a perfect way to access it.

SEP illustration


The default keyword is sep.

* Another option is to search directly in the SEP catalogue, which requires Friend of SEP membership.


The default keyword is sepf.


This project collection is licensed under the MIT License.
I use to published them on Packal, you can still find the legacy versions there.

Copyright (c) 2020 BaksiLi