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Since 2019.1 versions, the behaviour of JetBrains bin change.

Try the new version of the workflow: Alfred JetBrains

Please disable this workflow before, to avoid keyword conflict


JetBrains: Open project

Alfred3 workflow to easily open your projects with your favorite JetBrains product.


You need Alfred 3.5+

This workflow need one of JetBrains products, and its command line launchers to works:

Create command line launcher

Example with PhpStorm:

  1. Open PhpStorm
  2. Go to Tools and Create Command-line Launcher jetbrains-alfred-workflow-create-cli
  3. In the popup windows, just click on OK jetbrains-alfred-workflow-create-cli-2


  1. Download workflow from package folder, or here
  2. Double click on downloaded file (JetBrains - Open project.alfredworkflow)

Alfred2 user, please use v1.0

How to use

  • Open Alfred with your usual hotkey
  • Type keyword (example pstorm) followed by your project name jetbrains-projects-secret-light

Default Keywords

  • AppCode: appcode ;
  • CLion: clion ;
  • IntelliJ Idea: idea ;
  • PhpStorm: pstorm (before 2016.3) or phpstorm (2016.3+) ;
  • PyCharm: charm ;
  • RubyMine: mine ;
  • WebStorm: wstorm (before 2016.3) or webstorm (2016.3+) ;
  • Android Studio: studio ;
  • GoLand: goland ;
  • Rider: rider ;
  • DataGrip: datagrip (since v2.0.0-beta7) ;

Supported versions

I test with this products/versions:

  • AppCode: v3.3 ;
  • CLion: v1.2 / 2016.x / 2017.x ;
  • IntelliJ Idea CE: v15 / 2016.x / 2017.x / 2018.x ;
  • PhpStorm: v10 / 2016.x / 2017.x / 2018.x ;
  • PyCharm CE: v5 / 2016.x / 2017.x ;
  • RubyMine: v8 / 2016.x / 2017.x ;
  • WebStorm: v11 / 2016.x / 2017.x / 2018.x ;
  • Android Studio: v2.x / v3.x ;
  • GoLand: 2017.x ;
  • Rider: 2017.x ;
  • DataGrip: 2017.3+

NB: about PhpStorm, if you need compatibility with older version please use my old workflow: PhpStorm Alfred Workflow

NB2: PhpStorm & WebStorm change default bin name in 2016.3 #9.

JetBrains Actions

With keyword jb you can access to some actions for this workflow.

Clean Projects Cache

Projects list is cached for better performance (one cache per products). You can change cache lifetime (see environment variable). This command clean cache for all products.

Check workflow update

Check if a new release is available for this workflow.


If you change command line tools name/path or if you want to change keyword, you need to update workflow settings:

  1. Go to Workflows and select "JetBrains - Open project" jetbrains-workflow-script-filter
  2. Double click on a box Run script for a JetBrains product (example: PhpStorm)
  • Change value in Keyword field
  • Change bin value Script field: echo (new Project('/YOUR/BIN/NAME/PATH'))->search("{query}");
  • Save jetbrains-workflow-script-edit

Known issue

After an application upgrade you need to update the Command-line launcher jetbrains-alfred-caskroom


How to update the Command-line launcher after the update of my software?

Follow "Create command line launcher" instructions again.

How to update the workflow

Download the latest package and open it


  1. Go to Workflows and select "JetBrains - Open project"
  2. Click on Configure workflow and variables jetbrains-alfred-workflow-debug
  3. Change environment variable jb_debug to 1
  4. Open Alfred with your usual hotkey, and type keyword (example pstorm) followed by debug
  5. You will see something like this, press ⌘ + C to copy path to log file jetbrains-alfred-workflow-log

Workflow Environment Variables

  • jb_debug: enable debug mode
  • jb_cache_lifetime: cache lifetime in seconds for projects list (default: 3600 seconds)




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