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anki card generator: Create New Cards into any Decks with any "Note Type".

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$ npm install --global alfred-anki

or as anki.alfredworkflow

Requires: Node.js 7.6+, Alfred Powerpack, Anki intelligent flash cards, AnkiConnect plugin for Anki

Also you can consider DrLulz/Anki-Templates


  • In Alfred, type :anki,
  • Enter/Click on the any field to fill it in
  • Enter/Click to save current value
  • the same staps to edit.
  • type :anki!, to setting menu.

This workflow uses Markdown syntax:

On the card fields:

  • hit ⌃ + ↩ to remeber last input after created card.
  • hit ⌃ + ↩ one more time to toggle switch this option
  • hit ⌥ + ↩ to reset text from all fields
  • hit (shift) to preview parsed fields of card
  • for line break type 'n' (with space or without), also should be handy to use 'Alfred's snippets'.
  • to add imag from clipboard use Alfred snippet >>img needs install pngpaste
  • check out another snippets

  • To use your own icons for your Model's fields just you should call the png files the same as fields [name-of-field].png and put it into icons folder of this Workflow directory. Recommended use two instances of each icon where second icon (with some mark) will be called as [name-of-field]_marked.png for "remember last import" option.

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