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Panda Logo

Based on @PandaTheme, a Superminimal, dark theme family by @siamak. It's a dark theme crafted especially for, with subtle colors that are meant to be easy on the eyes.

Main screenshot

⌨️ How to Use

  1. Download and extract .zip file.
  2. Double-click Panda.alfredappearance to add theme to's Appearance pane.
  3. Click the Import button when prompted.

🐼 About Pandas

Pandas screenshot

  1. Sleep 12-14 hours per day
  2. Eat 12-14 hours per day
  3. Consume 10 to 18 kilos of raw bamboo per day
  4. Poop 10 to 18 kilos of processed bamboo per day.
  5. Panda sex is awkward. Naps are much more fun.

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