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This is my personal dotfiles for Windows. Feel free to use it or fork it.

Package Manager

Download Scoop as your package manager. Run the command below on PowerShell to install it.

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser
irm | iex
scoop install git
irm | iex

Development Environment

Turn on Developer Mode on the settings then install both Windows Terminal and Ubuntu on WSL. Restart your computer after the installation is complete. Download FiraMono Nerd Font then update Windows Terminal's settings. Update defaultProfile and profiles.list[0].guid inside Windows Terminal's settings if necessary.

Clone the repository

To start you must first clone the repository. Run the command below on Ubuntu on WSL to clone the repository.

git clone --recurse-submodules ~/.files

Setup Environment Variables

Before running the installation script you first need to setup your environment variables located on KeePassXC. Run the command below on Ubuntu on WSL to setup your environment variables.

cp ~/.files/zsh/ ~/.files/zsh/
vim ~/.files/zsh/

Installation Script

After setting up the environment variables you can now proceed to the installation script. Run the command below on Ubuntu on WSL to start installing.

source ~/.files/zsh/ && ~/.files/install/


There are individual install instructions for the tools I use. Refer below to learn more:


Game Mode

If you want to play games please close the following applications:

  • WSL
  • Overload Capslock (AutoHotkey)
  • Hide Mouse When Typing (AutoHotkey)
  • Escape as Tilde (AutoHotkey)
  • GlazeWM

Call to action

If you want to share some ideas you can email me at [email protected].