Call or Message Contact

From their README

A short stand-in to add calling and messaging support to for macOS 11 Big Sur and above. Searches through contacts in real time as you type. Excludes contacts with no number. Currently no way to select between multiple numbers for a single contact. Requires Alfred V4.

Released under Apache License 2.0. If you modify this and use it in something splendid I'd appreciate a shout out.

Based on Call or SMS Contact by @c-stephens and @amoose136.


call Johnny Appleseed

tel Johnny Appleseed

im Johnny Appleseed

msg Johnny Appleseed

call 555-3485

tel 555-3485

im 555-3485

msg 555-3485

Workflow Functions:

  • Make calls via FaceTime audio calls or iPhone Handoff (iPhone tethering must be enabled).
  • Accept or decline incoming calls.
  • Mute or end current calls.
  • Open iMessage to send message to an auto-filled contact or number.
  • Send a message to a contact or number via iMessage from within Alfred.

Unsupported Workflow Functions:

  • Cannot make calls to groups or multiple numbers.
  • Cannot send messages to group chats or multiple contacts.