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Alfred Workflow for Zoom.us

Alfred Workflow,用于新建和加入 Zoom 会议。 支持免费和付费帐号,如果没有登录也可以直接进入会议。


  1. 直接在 Alfred 里面粘贴 Zoom 的会议链接,按下回车就可以自动加入会议。如果 Zoom 还没有运行,也会自动运行起来。
  2. 直接在 Alfred 里面粘贴 Zoom 的会议链接后,按下 Command 键会 新建一个会议,而不是加入现有的会议。并且会自动把新建的会议的 url 放入剪贴板,我们只要直接粘贴就可以。
  3. zm 关键字,直接按下回车就是新建一个会议;
  4. zm 关键字后面可以继续添加 meeting id,按下回车会自动加入;
  5. zm 关键字后面无论是否有 meeting id,按下 Command 键都会新建一个会议。


This Alfred Workflow is used to start or join a Zoom meeting. Support free or paid account, you can join a meeting without logged in.


  1. Paste a Zoom meeting URL in Alfred directly, press Enter, this will join an existing meeting.
  2. Paste a Zoom meeting URL in Alfred, press Command + Enter, it will start a new meeting. And put the URL of this new meeting into your clipboard automatically.
  3. A new keyword “zm” is used to start a new meeting.
  4. Append an existing Zoom meeting ID after the keyword “zm”, it will join this meeting. For example: zm 123-456-789, zm 123456789
  5. Whether or not there is a meeting ID after keyword zm,press Command + Enter will always start a new meeting.

Download: https://github.com/chaifeng/alfred-zoomus/releases