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Power Thesaurus Search for Alfred

Search for synonyms and antonyms on Power Thesaurus from Alfred 4.


Get Power Thesaurus for Alfred from GitHub or Packal.


Primary commands:

  • pows — Search Power Thesaurus for synonyms of .
  • powa — Search Power Thesaurus for antonyms of .

For both primary commands:

  • or ⌘+C — Copy highlighted entry to the clipboard
  • ⌘+L — Show full query in Alfred's Large Text window
  • ⌘+↩ — Open highlighted entry in browser
  • SHIFT — Preview highlighted entry's page using quicklook


Resulting synonyms or antonyms will be sequentially listed according to user rating.


Use the init.sh script to install the required dependencies inside the src folder. When you're ready to test or export, copy the entire src folder to the existing workflow directory.


SSL Errors

If you're having SSL issues, try temporarily disabling it by setting the workflow environment variable ALFRED_PT_SSL_VERIFICATION to False. This will bypass SSL verification as a workaround while waiting for the SSL certificate to be rectified. You can check Power Thesaurus's SSL certificate status here. Be sure to set it back to True when all's green.

Other Errors

For other errors, please open an issue describing how you got the error and together with the logs from Alfred > Workflows > Debugging Mode if possible. There's no proper error handling in place yet, so we'll have to troubleshoot things this way for now.

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There's probably a smarter way to do this, but when preparing a new release, don't forget to:

  1. Bump version file
  2. Bump the exported workflow following the format PowerThesaurus-x.x.x.alfredworkflow
  3. Bump alfredworkflow.version field in metadata.json or just re-export the entire metadata.json from Alfred > Workflows


This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.

By using this workflow, you acknowledge, understand and signify your agreement to Power Thesaurus Website's terms and conditions, and privacy statement.


Big shoutout to the heroes that made Power Thesaurus possible. Help keep the platform free for everyone by giving your support.

It is heavily based on deanishe's Alfred-Workflow, also MIT-licensed.