From their README

Alfred Atom Workflow

Simple workflow that allows you to browse and open Atom projects.



Yarn / NPM (preferred)

This workflow can be installed with Yarn or NPM, as an added bonus you'll get a notification when an update is available!

yarn add -g alfred-atom
# or
npm install -g alfred-atom

Packal / GitHub

Because some dependencies are quite big you have to run npm install yourself after installing the workflow. Please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest Atom.alfredworkflow from Packal or GitHub and import it in Alfred.
  2. Open Alfred and go to Workflows. Right-click on Atom and click on "Open in Terminal"
  3. In the terminal, enter yarn or npm install.


Simply type atom followed by space to list all projects. Optionally type a search string to filter results.



No projects are listed by the atom command

You most likely have an invalid projects.cson file. Some edge cases may be handled by the Atom Project Manager package but not handled in Alfred Atom Workflow. Check that the format matches

Also check out the debug output, see the Using the Workflow Debugger section of the Alfred documentation.