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Welcome to AnkiFinnish 👋

Set of tools to learn Finnish. Includes web app, Anki plugin that integrates with web app and Alfred workflow

📽 Demo

This gif shows main features:

  • web integration with Anki
    • extra data from anki
    • saving term back to anki
  • alfred workflow
    • opens same web app tab
    • can save terms directly to anki
    • can be used for quick lookups
  • anki plugin
    • question/answer context
    • renders web app


🏠 Web app

Renders data from different sources nicely Example of main page

  • Has search (CMD/CTRL + K or / for quick access)
  • Can connect to anki via plugin
    • save data to Anki from web page
    • load extra data from Anki (tags, own notes, etc)
  • Aware of Anki context
    • will hide answer parts hide example
    • reversed mode is also supported reversed hide example

💬 Anki Plugin

Makes it possible to use web app for reviewing notes preview example

  • saving notes from web app directly to anki

  • enhances web app with notes data (such as tags, own notes, etc)

  • configurable, you can easily plug it in your existing collection (🤞)

🚀 Alfred Workflow

Not yet published, but can be installed & used from sources

  • quick word lookups
  • opens same browser tab
  • can save data to anki


The installation process is similar to other Anki plugins and can be accomplished in three steps:

  1. Open the Install Add-on dialog by selecting Tools | Add-ons | Get Add-ons... in Anki.
  2. Input 2045459309 into the text box labeled Code and press the OK button to proceed.
  3. Restart Anki (without restart Configuration window wont show).
  4. Navigate to plugin settings Tools | Add-ons | Select AnkiSuomea in the list | Config (or double click)
  5. Important configuration notes:
    config example
    • Plugin is disabled by default, so you need to enable it
    • You can enable auto setup of AnkiConnect
      • Installs plugin
      • Adds configured App URI to CORS list
  6. Restart Anki to complete the installation of AnkiFinnish.

Anki must be kept running in the background in order for web app to be able to use AnkiFinnish. AnkiConnect recommends this setup

Notes for Windows Users

Windows users may see a firewall nag dialog box appear on Anki startup. This occurs because AnkiConnect runs a local HTTP server in order to enable other applications to connect to it. The host application, Anki, must be unblocked for this plugin to function correctly.

Notes for Mac OS X Users Starting with Mac OS X Mavericks, a feature named App Nap has been introduced to the operating system. This feature causes certain applications which are open (but not visible) to be placed in a suspended state. As this behavior causes AnkiConnect to stop working while you have another window in the foreground, App Nap should be disabled for Anki:

Start the Terminal application. Execute the following commands in the terminal window:

defaults write net.ankiweb.dtop NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true
defaults write net.ichi2.anki NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true
defaults write org.qt-project.Qt.QtWebEngineCore NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true

Restart Anki.


This plugin plays well with AwesomeTTS

After installation, you can add this to front template (macOS), for Windows please check docs

{{tts fi_FI voices=Apple_Satu:Finnish}}


👤 Alexander Ryzhikov

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