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From their README

alfred-google-books Build Status

Alfred 3 workflow to search for Google Books on


$ npm install --global alfred-google-books

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

Why you downloading book cover pictures?

Because Alfred3 doesn't support URLs in the icon displayed in the result row.

Only three kinds of icon are supported. You can pass the path to an actual image file, e.g.


you can pass the path to a file whose icon you'd like to use, e.g.

"icon":{"path":"/Applications/", "type":"fileicon"}

to show Safari's icon, or you can pass a file type in the form of a UTI, e.g.

"icon":{"path":"public.folder", "type":"filetype"}

to show the standard folder icon.


In Alfred, type gb, Enter, and your query.


MIT © Damian Framke

Contributions and feedback are welcome and encouraged!