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Finder New Item Alfred workflow

Swiftly create new items in Finder with support for templates.

demo * Demo using the _[mnml]_ Alfred [theme].


Templates are sourced from the workflow itself by default, but this can be overridden by a TEMPLATES environment variable specifying an alternative folder path.

Symbolic links at the root level of the templates directory will be followed such that the original item is copied.

If the selected template would replace an existing item, the two will first be compared using your favourite diff tool.

The workflow will respect a .gitignore file in the templates directory, which can itself also be used as a template.

βŒ₯ select to edit template.
⌘ select to reveal original template.
βŒƒ select to remove template.


This workflow requires Node.js (easily available with Homebrew) and Alfred 3 with the paid Powerpack upgrade.

brew install node
npm install -g alfred-finder-new-item


MIT Β© Daniel Bayley