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kanka.io is an free to use tool for managing tabletop RPG campaigns and worlds. This is an Alfred 4 workflow for quick browsing and searching through your campaigns and entities.


To use this Workflow you must have Alfred, and own a Powerpack license. This Workflow works on OSX 10.15 Catalina, though should work on any mac version if you have python 3.7 installed.

Installation & Setup

Download and run Kanka-alfred-1.0.alfredworkflow.

Once installed, go to https://kanka.io/en/settings/api and click Create New Token. Give your token a name (such as "Alfred" or "Search"), and copy it. Open the Alfred Preferences, go to Workflows and find Kanka. In the top-right corner of the window you'll find a button that looks like [x]. Click it to show the Workflow Variables window. On the right half of the window, find the row that says token and double click under the value column, then paste your token and click Save to exit.


kk [query]

Press return (↵) to open the selected page.

If the script fails due to missing dependancies, run kkconfig in the alfred console, and it should install any that are missing.

Configuration (WIP)

By default, the workflow caches all the entities from all your campaigns up to once every 24 hours, when you call the workflow. If you want to increase or decrease this limit, you may change how many hours must pass between updates by changing the cache_limit workflow variable.


  • Allow configuration of what entity types are included (to help with the API call limit)
  • Make decent UI for configuration
  • Figure out auto-updating
  • Dependancy management