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Firefox Assistant for Alfred

Search and manipulate Firefox's bookmarks, history and tabs from Alfred.

Animated demo of workflow in use

The workflow can be easily extended with your own actions.


The workflow supports Alfred 4+ and the extension works with (at least) Firefox, Firefox Nightly and Firefox Developer Edition.

  1. Download and install the latest version of the workflow.
  2. Run ffass in Alfred and choose Install Firefox Extension to get the Firefox extension.

See the setup documentation for more details.


The basic usage is:

  • bm — Search bookmarks
  • bml — Search bookmarklets
  • hist — Search history
  • dl [] — Search downloads
  • tab [] — Search tabs
  • ffass [] — Workflow status and links

See the usage documentation for full details.


The workflow can be used by other workflows to retrieve the title and URL of the active Firefox tab (in lieu of AppleScript, which Firefox doesn't support). See the integration docs for details.


See the full documentation for detailed info on setting up, using and customising the workflow.

Licensing & thanks

This workflow and extension are released under the MIT licence.

It is written in Go and heavily based on the AwGo library. The icons are based on Font Awesome.