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Smart Folders for Alfred

Quick access to your Smart Folders (Saved Searches) in Alfred.

Download & Installation

NOTE: Version 3 and later are only compatible with Alfred 4+. If you're still using Alfred 3, download v2.2.

Download the workflow from GitHub releases and double-click the .alfredworkflow file to install.


  • .sf [] to see or filter a list of your Smart Folders
    • on a Smart Folder to view its contents
    • to open the Smart Folder in Finder
    • ⌘↩ to reveal the Smart Folder in Finder
  • On Smart Folder contents:
    • to open a file/folder in its default app
    • ⌘+↩ to reveal the item in the Finder
  • .sfhelp to view the help file

Custom searches

You can also set up keywords to go directly to the contents of a specific Smart Folder.

See the included help file for more details (keyword .sfhelp to view it).

Third-party software, copyright etc.

This workflow relies upon the following libraries:

  • Alfred-Workflow, a library for building Alfred workflows.
  • docopt, a library for parsing command-line options.

Both libraries and the code in the workflow are released under the MIT licence