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StackExchange Search for Alfred

Search for answers on StackExchange sites from Alfred 4+.


Get StackExchange for Alfred from GitHub releases.


The main action (keyword stack) shows a list of all StackExchange sites. Choose one to search it.

There is also a search for configured (keyword .so), but it is easy to add searches for your own favourite StackExchange sites.

  • stack [] — Choose a StackExchange site to search.
    • — Select site
    • ⌘↩ — Set as default site
    • ⌥↩ — Reveal site icon in Finder
    • ⌘C — Copy site ID to clipboard (for adding Script Filters)
  • .so — Search for . See below for syntax.
    • or ⌘+NUM — Open result in default browser
    • ⌘L — Show full question title in Alfred's Large Text window

Query syntax

Prefix a word in your with . (full stop) to indicate that it's a tag, e.g requests .python will search for answers tagged python with the query requests.


Answered questions will be shown first in the list of results (and have a green check mark on their icon).

Adding custom searches

You can easily add your own searches for specific sites by adding your own Script Filter with the following Script:

/usr/bin/python search --site  "$1"

The easiest way to do this is to make and edit a copy of the built-in search.

To get a site ID, use the site search (keyword stack) and hit ⌘C on the desired site to copy its ID to the clipboard.

You can also use ⌥↩ on a site to reveal its icon in Finder.

Licensing, thanks

This workflow is released under the MIT Licence.

It is heavily based on Alfred-Workflow, also MIT-licensed.