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Alfred workflow for getting bus ETA.

Note: to get bus ETA this workflow uses curlbus service by elad661 and it works with the Israeli transit only (at the moment).

To download the workflow use this link

To run the workflow just type "curlbus".



The basic setup has two bus stations "Home station 🏠", "Work station πŸ™" and "Station ID πŸ”’" option to provide any station ID manually. You have to configure several environment variables to customize the station IDs and Alfred select option titles.

You can get a station ID (usually a 5 digits number) using Google Maps service or using the search here

Here is Alfred documentation: Using Variables in Workflows

Those environment variables are prefixed with the "CB_FW" prefix (stands for curlbus_workflow).

CB_WF_STATION_A_ID=12345 - first station ID.

CB_WF_STATION_B_ID=54321 - second station ID.

CB_WF_SELECT_OPTION_TITLE_A=Home station 🏠 - any text you want, Alfred will present it as a select option.

CB_WF_SELECT_OPTION_TITLE_B=Work station πŸ™ - any text you want, Alfred will present it as a select option.

CB_WF_PYTHON3_PATH=/usr/bin/python3 - this workflow needs Python 3.7 or higher, so either provide a full path to the Python 3.7 executable or if it's already in $PATH use just python or python3 according to the executable name.

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