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GitHub Repos workflow for Alfred

This is a custom workflow for the Alfred app that lets you search and open a GitHub repository via the GitHub Search API.


You'll need to authenticate with a personal access token that you can generate in the GitHub developer settings page or by running the gh-token command in Alfred.

After you have copied your personal access token, run gh-login to set your personal access token.


Here's the list of available commands.

Global Search: gh

gh hello-world

The example above will search for repositories with the string "hello-world" in their name. Internally this uses the GitHub Search syntax, so you can use modifiers like:

gh hello-world stars:>1000

This will search only in repositories that have more than 1000 stars.

Please note that this command only searches in the repository name. This means that your query will be appended with the in:name modifier. So when you type in hello-world, the final search query sent will be: "hello-world in:name".

Search your repositories: repo [query]

This command works the same as the previous one (gh ) but it limits the search to your own repositories.

This includes repositories from your organizations as well.

Search Pull Requests: pr [query]

This command searches within the Pull Requests that you're involved in.

If you want to limit the search to be under your organisations, please remove PR_ALL_INVOLVE_ME environment variable

Open notifications: gh-notifications

This command just opens your GitHub notification page.

Config Cache TTL

You can customise the TTL for the internal caches of Repos/Organisations/PullRequests by seting the following environment variables. (all in seconds)

> CACHE_TTL_SEC_ORG  default: 86400
> CACHE_TTL_SEC_PR  default: 300
> CACHE_TTL_SEC_REPO default: 86400

Configuring host for Enterprise

If you're using an Enterprise account, you can call the gh-host command.


You can submit your bug reports or feature requests at:

If you want to submit a Pull Request, please follow these simple guides:

  1. Add a detailed description of what you're changing and why.
  2. Add necessary unit tests that cover your changes.
  3. Don't increase the version of the workflow in your changes.

Here are some ideas for Pull Requests:

  • [ ] Make search faster
  • [ ] Search commits in a repository
  • [ ] Search projects in an organization
  • [ ] Improve icon graphics


This project is published under the MIT License.