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Alfred Browser Tabs 🔍

Search browser tabs from Chrome, Arc, Brave, Safari, etc..


You have hundreds of tabs open that you need to sift through and ain't nobody got time for that.


  • 🏎 Blazing fast!
  • 💪 Supports Chrome, Arc, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari, Orion.
  • 🔍 Fuzzy search title & URLs.
  • ✨ Relevant results (last active window).
  • 🌶️ Customizable hotkeys & keywords.
  • 📋 Copy URL to clipboard.


  1. Download the Alfred Workflow (Browser-Tabs.alfredworkflow).
  2. Double-click to import into Alfred (requires Powerpack).
  3. Review workflow, add hotkeys, customize.



I would recommend setting up a hotkey to toggle the workflow to immediately search open tabs. For example:

setup hotkey


  • chrome tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Google Chrome and filter based on query.
  • brave tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Brave Browser and filter based on query.
  • edge tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Microsoft Edge and filter based on query.
  • vivaldi tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Vivaldi and filter based on query.
  • safari tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Safari and filter based on query.
  • orion tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Orion and filter based on query.
  • arc tabs {query} - Fetch tabs from Arc and filter based on query.

Copy to clipboard

Holding the CTRL key while selecting an item will copy the selected tab URL to your clipboard.

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