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Alfred iTunes DJ

A workflow for Alfred that queues up songs to be played next in iTunes.


On your first use, you'll need to pair Alfred with iTunes just like you would with the iOS Remote app.

  1. Open iTunes.

  2. Invoke Alfred and type dj followed any character. Alfred should prompt you that you need to pair with iTunes and give you a four-digit code. Hit enter/return to start the pairing process.


  3. Switch to iTunes and click the devices button in the top left as shown in the screenshot below.

  4. Then click on Alfred iTunes DJ in the devices list and enter your four-digit pin. If it fails, just try again.


Usage is incredibly simple. Just type dj followed by any combination of a song's name, artist or album title and Alfred will present you with a list of songs in your iTunes library that match the search term.


Alfred iTunes DJ only has a few configurable settings.

  1. Open Alfred's preferences and select the Workflows tab.

  2. Select iTunes DJ from the list and then click the variable button in the top right

  3. Set the value of confirm_queued to true to enable confirmation notifications when queuing a song. Set num_results to the number of results you'd like to receive.


There are a few ways to install this workflow:

  1. Download from Github releases
  2. Download from
  3. Use the source code from this repo.




  • Allow searching using artists and albums
  • Add album artwork to search results