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Copy URL for Alfred

You can copy browser's URL and title with various formats like markdown, anchor tag and your own.



Powerpack is required.

  1. Download copyurl-catalina.alfredworkflow on macOS Catalina. Download copyurl.alfredworkflow for others.
  2. Open file by double-clicking or dragging into Alfred.
  3. Open Alfred and type url.
  4. Select URL format.

You can change everything at Alfred Preferences > Workflows menu.

For macOS Catalina(10.15.x) Users

Some codes does not work in macOS Catalina. So you should write your favorite browser manually.

  • Open Alfred Preferences and choose Workflows > Copy URL
  • Select first script filter object
  • Edit myBrowsers array with exact browser name in order

Add your own template

  1. Open ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/com.fallroot.copyurl/config.json file.
  2. Edit contents with valid JSON format.

config.json format

config.json file should be array of object is consist of format and type fields. format field should be string of combination ${url}, ${title} or JavaScript function string like below.

        "format": "${url}",
        "title": "URL"
        "format": "${title}",
        "title": "Title"
        "format": "${title}",
        "title": "Anchor"
        "format": "[${title}](${url})",
        "title": "Markdown"
        "format": "function({title,url}){return title.toUpperString() + '\n' + url}",
        "title": "Custom"

Supported Browsers

⚠️ This workflow was made by using OSA(Open Scripting Architecture). You can't use this workflow in browsers which does not support OSA like Firefox.






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