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Display Brightness

Adjust your display's brightness with Alfred

Display Brightness Screenshot

This workflow uses a modified version of screenbrightness.

Configuration Options

There are a number of options that can be changed through workflow variables. Click here for instructions on changing workflow variables.

Brightness Levels

  • Variable: brightness_levels
  • Format: Comma-separated list of numbers between 0 and 100
  • Default: 0,20,40,60,80,100
  • Examples:
    • 0,25,75,100
    • 0,50,100

Minimum/Maximum Brightness

Keywords that you want to use to set your brightness to the minimum or maximum value (e.g. brightness min)

  • Variables: keyword_min and keyword_max
  • Format: String
  • Defaults: min and max
  • Examples:
    • low and high
    • dim and bright

Minimum and maximum brightness values

  • Variables: value_min and value_max
  • Format: Number between 0 and 100
  • Defaults: 0 and 100
  • Examples:
    • 0 and 100 (0 turns the screen completely off)
    • 2 and 100 (2 is the lowest visible MacBook brightness)

Show minimum and maximum options? You can show the minimum option, maximum option, or both.

  • Variables: show_min and show_max
  • Format: String; true or false
  • Defaults: both false
  • Examples:
    • Show both: true and true
    • Show only minimum: true and false
    • Show only maximum: false and true