From their README

This workflow is no longer relevant, as DeepL added support for custom keyboard shortcuts a while ago.

Translate with Deepl

Alfred 2 and 3 workflow, translates the selected or entered text with Deepl.

WHAT IS DEEPL? is a translation service by DeepL GmbH, a start up company backed up by Linguee. It's a lot better than Google Translate or iTranslate, at least for German.


  1. Use Alfred 2 or 3
  2. Download and install this workflow.
  3. Set up the hotkey Ctrl+T or whatever you want.

Translate selected text

  1. Select some text and hit Ctrl+T

Translate text input

  1. Open the Aflred command box and enter the keywordtranslate
  2. Type or paste some text, then hit Enter


A browser page will open with the text translation.