change case

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NOT SUPPORTED in recent Alfred versions

Changes in Alfred and macOS Python broke this extension. Currently, there are no plans to fix it since there are several other extensions that do something similar. Thanks for your support if you enjoyed using this in the past.

Change Case — Workflow for Alfred

Changes the case of text selected, provided, or on the clipboard to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, CamelCase, kebab-case, or snake_case.

Download the workflow.



Change the case of text on the keyboard with the keyword case. All six styles are previewed as Alfred results. Select one to copy it to the clipboard and paste into in the current application.

Optionally, any text typed after case will be changed instead of the clipboard.

To assign a global hotkey, view Change Case in Alfred's Workflow editor. Double-click Hotkey node and assign your preferred keys.

Version History

3/23/2022 - 1.5

  • Updated to work with macOS Montery (switch to Python 3). Should still work on older systems.
  • Simplified icons that are more visible on dark themes.
  • Fixed CamelCase to work with all words.
  • Removed the default global hotkey. Users can still assign their own in Alfred's workflow editor.


  • Updated icons and added additional cases to match original style.
  • Added CamelCase, kebab-case, and snake_case to icons.acorn layered file.


  • Added CamelCase, kebab-case, and snake_case options.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added keybinding for text selection transformation.
  • Added additional keywords "tt" and "transform" to default workflow options.


  • Always sorts the case styles in the same order now: lowercase, uppercase, then title case. (Removed the uid from results returned to Alfred as supported in Alfred 2.0.3.).


  • Title case will now leave common acronyms as uppercase (HTML, XML, etc.).


  • Workflow by Jay Gillibrand.
  • titlecase module by Stuart Colville.
  • CamelCase, kebab-case, and snake_case additions added by Ben Wagner.