From their README


Access your favourite cheat sheets from directly from Alfred.


The main workflow is accessd throught the keyword cht:

The selected cheat sheet will be copied to your clipboard.

On the first usage, the workflow will ask you to update the avaliable cheat sheets because it compiles a lista of avaliable items and caches it on the Work Flow Data folder for faster results. At anytime you could update the list throught the menu update cheats:



This workflow require you to have jq avaliable on your system.

To check if they're avaliable on your system open a terminal and type:

which jq

The expected result is similar to:



The main workflow doesn't support cheat sheets for programming languages or special pages like :help from (mainly because of the huge ammount of things that must be escaped to properly load as json).

If you want to acccess this type of content you could use the fcht keyword and it will print the full cheat sheet on your terminal instead.


Check the releases page to download it.