prayer times

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Download worklow here.

An Alfred (Spotlight app for MacOS) workflow for displaying daily prayer times, data retrieved from ezanvakti.herokuapp Ezanvakti retrieveds data from Diyanet

Screenshot from Alfred image

This workflow caches data for one hour. It is possible to change this duration. ezanvakti.herokuapp has an API call limit, caching time should be 45 seconds at least.

This workflow is tested with Alfred 3.


  1. Open file with .alfredworkflow extension. Download worklow here.
  2. Install requirements file inside the workflow package. After adding workflow, right click to it then "Open in Finder". You can enter the directory and run pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  1. Customize script filter: The placeId and localization code should be changed.

    1. Changind Place Id: Double click to the prayerscript filter box. The command will be like /usr/local/bin/python3 9541 en

    2. Change 9541 value for place Id. This value can be obtained from Prayer Times web site. When country / city and place details selected, the placeId will appear on the url like

    3. Change local value en. This workflow currently contains tr and en codes. You can also add a new code by editing file.

    4. Also you can change the Python3 path according to your system.

  2. You can use multiple keywords like namaz, prayer, salat and more. To add new keywords use workflow screen. Screenshot from Alfred image