yeelight pbc

From their README


An Alfred Workflow to control Yeelight Bulb with Power / Brightness / Color options

How to Install?

Download the workflow here and install by double click.

Currently, you need to insert your ip by hand in the source code.

How to Use?

Project ToDo List

  • [ ] Adding credits
  • [ ] Adding bulb selection option
  • [ ] Adding options for color temperature
  • [ ] Adding option to add custom color
  • [ ] Managing multiple light bulbs

Technical Notes

Code Structure

The file usage is as followed;

  • Script filter - yl which retrieves lights power status, calls
  • As result is called for turning light on/off action
  • Script filter - yl:brightness retrieves brightness options by %10 increments and puts current level at the top. Calls
  • As result is called for setting light level
  • Script filter - yl:color is listing color options by calling
  • As result is called.


Other Notes

  • Zsh can be changed with bash.
  • I'm using bash / zsh to specify which python version will be used instead of predefined python path in Alfed.