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From their README

Alfred Open Latest Weekly Radar

Alfred workflow to open your team's latest Weekly Radar ❇

This Alfred workflow lets you easily navigate to the latest issue in a certain repository with a certain label.

I use this in conjunction with the Weekly Radar GitHub Action to quickly navigate to my team's latest Weekly Radar issue, but you do you! 😄


You'll need to first install Node.js 8+, Alfred 3 or 4, and the Alfred Powerpack.

At a terminal, run:

$ npm install --global alfred-open-latest-weekly-radar

Navigate to your Alfred workflows:

Now enter the values of these environment variables using these instructions (Setting Workflow Environment Variables):

  • GH_TOKEN: GitHub Personal Access Token with proper repo scopes for either public or private repository access.
  • GH_OWNER: Owner of the repository where your Weekly Radars are, eg. octocat.
  • GH_REPO: Name of the repository where your Weekly Radars are, eg. Spoon-Knife.
  • GH_LABEL: Name of label used on your Weekly Radars.


In Alfred, type radar. If all went well, you should see an Alfred result that looks something like this 🎉:



MIT © John Bohannon