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Word Search

Word Search is an Alfred 2/3 workflow which exposes powerful word searching utilities. Ultimately, the workflow can be leveraged to widen your vocabulary and make you a better writer.

Quick Reference

  • syn [word] - Broadly searches for words related to a word/phrase.
  • dsyn [word] - Searches for a word’s exact synonyms.
  • ant [word] - Searches for a word’s antonyms.
  • rhyme [word] - Searches a word’s rhymes.
  • describing [word] - Searches for words that describe another word


    Simply type in a command. Selecting a result will copy that word to your clipboard and automatically paste it in the front most app.


Simply download the latest .alfredworkflow file and double click it to import it to Alfred.

Word Search will update on its own.


Searching for synonyms of the word “amazing” Demo Image

You can also search for synonyms of phrases, like “ringing in the ears” Demo Image

Searching for rhymes of the word “strange” Demo Image

Searching for words that describe “dog” Demo Image