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ssh workflow for Alfred

A workflow for Alfred Powerpack users to rapidly open Secure SHell (ssh) sessions with smart hostname autocompletion based on the contents of ~/.ssh/known_hosts, ~/.ssh/config, /etc/hosts and (optionally) Bonjour.

Example 1

Example 2



  • Alfred (version 2.4+/3.1+/4.0+/5.0+)
  • The Alfred Powerpack.
  • Python3 for v3.x+ (most easily installed/maintained with sudo xcode-select --install or Homebrew)


Type ssh in Alfred followed by either a literal hostname or by some letters from the hostname of a host referenced in any of ~/.ssh/known_hosts, ~/.ssh/config, /etc/hosts, or (with pybonjour installed) Bonjour.

If you wish to have iTerm2 act as ssh protocol handler rather than, create a new iTerm2 profile with “Name” $$USER$$@$$HOST$$, “Command” $$ and “Schemes handled” ssh (e.g. here and here).

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