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^tty workflow for Alfred

A JXA-based workflow for Alfred Powerpack users to quickly switch between or close iTerm windows, tabs and panes based on title and tty, or trigger your preferred ssh workflow when no open session is found (supports both isometry/alfred-ssh and deanishe/alfred-ssh).




Trigger the workflow with the keyword tty, or via hotkey, followed by some characters from the title of an open window, tab or pane; press Enter to activate the selected window/tab/pane, Alt-Enter to close it, or Cmd-Enter to trigger your ssh workflow. For example, enter tty as3 to switch to a tab with the title [email protected].

If no active terminal matches, or you use the Cmd-modifier, trigger your preferred ssh workflow, e.g. ⇄ ssh as3. By default, the ssh workflow is assumed to be net.isometry.alfred.ssh (i.e. isometry/alfred-ssh, version 2.3+). Override by setting the ssh_workflow and ssh_trigger variables; for deanishe/alfred-ssh, set the ssh_workflow variable to net.deanishe.alfred-ssh.

In order to make working with more than one window/tab/pane with the same title easier, the tty is displayed beneath the result, and can be provided as a second argument to the trigger. For example, enter tty lo 3 to select the the session with title localhost running on /dev/ttys003.

To select by tty alone, use two spaces between the trigger and the tty number. For example, tty 4 will select /dev/ttys004.

Optionally associate a hotkey trigger to further accelerate operation, e.g. Ctrl+Cmd+T, or change the trigger word via the keyword variable.

Combine with an iTerm2 profile configured as ssh protocol handler (e.g. "Name":=[email protected]$$HOST$$, "Command":=$$ and "Schemes handled":=ssh) and an alfred-ssh workflow to make opening and jumping between remote sessions across many windows, tabs and panes easy.

Workflow Variables

keyword – the keyword trigger for the workflow; default: tty.

ssh_workflow – the workflow bundle identifier for your preferred alfred-ssh workflow; default: net.isometry.alfred.ssh.

ssh_trigger – the name of the trigger within ssh_workflow; default: ssh.

iterm_application – the application identifier of the iTerm2 instance you want to control, either bundleId, application name or absolute path; default: com.googlecode.iterm2.