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Welcome to notion-toolbox 👋

License: MIT Twitter: kevinjalbert

NOTE: If you are interested in the Notion tooling around the Notion Weekly Template from then you should look at the historic snapshot of the repository. This project no longer uses the tailored template, and instead is moving in a more flexible direction.

This is a collection of Notion tools that work in tandem together.


The following tools are available. Each tool has a README file present in its corresponding sub-directory.

  • Server application
    • Provides a REST API to perform CRUD operations with blocks and collections
    • Useful to connect with webhooks (e.g., IFTTT)
    • Opens integrations with Google Assistant, iOS Shortcuts, and Android Tasker
  • iOS Widget
    • A Scriptable widget that provides basic functionality for viewing/creating/deleting Notion blocks using iOS Shortcuts
    • Works well for Notion pages and collections

History of this Repository

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For a good part of 2019, I focused heavily on my Notion[Referral] setup. I personally feel that this was time well invested, akin to a craftsman refining his tools.

I consolidated all my Notion related projects into this repository (notion-toolbox), to increase the cohesion and interactions between the tools. Over time I've slowly pivoted away from the Notion template I put together, and this has led to a revamp of what I want notion-toolbox to do. The new vision is to allow for greater flexibility and to be more generic.


👤 Kevin Jalbert

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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel free to check issues page.

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Copyright © 2019 Kevin Jalbert.
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