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Craft Docs Workflow

Note search for Craft Docs using Alfred.

Alternative references

Alternative workflow — CraftDocs SearchIndex.

Craft extension for Raycast.


You need Node to be installed. Search paths are specified in PATHS workflow variable. By default, it's these paths:

  • /usr/local/bin;
  • /usr/bin;
  • /usr/sbin;
  • /bin;
  • /sbin.

You may add yours by editing the PATHS workflow variable.

Workflow does not inherit $PATH, hence it needs an explicit list of places to search.


Download the latest release and double-click it. Alfred will proceed with installation.

Using Alfred, run cdinit command to set up the workflow. This will download dependencies workflow requires (about 270 MB).


At the first run, execute cdinit to initialize the workflow.


Run cs to search for documents.

Create a daily note

Run cdo and select "today" to create daily note.

You will need to configure the default folder for storing these notes though. To do that, run cdconf.

To configure the pattern for today's note, open the workflow variables in the Alfred.


Run cdconf to configure some workflow values.

Select the folder where all your new notes will be created.