roam weekly plan

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Alfred workflow that generates a Roam weekly plan template

This workflow allows you to use a snippet trigger with Alfred to generate a weekly plan template for the next week as described by Nat Eliason in his excellent Effortless Output with Roam course.


To install, all you need to do is download the Roam Weekly Plan.alfredworkflow file from this repo and open it with Alfred. Define the snippet trigger you want to use (I like \xrwp) and use it whenever you want to generate a new weekly plan. The script that generates the template is also available to look at in this repo.


The example script that is used by the workflow can be found in the src/ directory. Edit this script in your favorite editor to include your daily habits and pages to reference. This requires no coding experience: just open the file and find the area that looks like the output below (starting on line 26), then edit that. Once done, run make in your terminal and it will deposit a fresh RoamWeeklyPlan.alfredworkflow file in the dist/ directory. Import that into Alfred, and you'll be all set.


An example output looks like this:

Week:: [[October 5th, 2020]]
Weekly Review:: [[Weekly Review October 5th, 2020]]
## Pages to Reference
    Go through these to find priorities for upcoming week.
    [[📝 Projects]]
    [[📓 Article Ideas]]
    [[🧠 Research]]
## Top Priorities
## Daily Goals
    Monday: [[October 5th, 2020]]
    Tuesday: [[October 6th, 2020]]
    Wednesday: [[October 7th, 2020]]
    Thursday: [[October 8th, 2020]]
    Friday: [[October 9th, 2020]]
    Saturday: [[October 10th, 2020]]
    Sunday: [[October 11th, 2020]]
## [[Daily Habits]]
    If these have a daily notes attribute, add what you did to those.
    Habit 1
        {{[[TODO]]}} [[October 5th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 6th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 7th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 8th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 9th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 10th, 2020]]
        {[[TODO]]} [[October 11th, 2020]]
    [More habits here...]

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