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AlfredVSCodeDiff Downloads License MIT PACKAL


Show the diff of the last 2 items in clipboard history using VSCode. This relies on Alfred workflows to automate the process.

How To Use

  1. Setup Visual Studio Code for terminal.
    1. Open Visual Studio Code
    2. CMD + SHIFT + P (Opens Command Palette)
    3. Search and run "Install 'code' command in PATH"
  2. Download the latest VSCodeDiff.alfredworkflow file from the release page. Then just double click it to let Alfred install the workflow.
  3. Enable Clipboard History in Alfred

Now you have VSCodeDiff enabled!

How It Works


VSCode provides a way to compares files via terminal with the command code --diff . So we create 2 temporary files inside Alfred's cache and use those to compare.


Not sure what else it can be done but you're welcome to contribute to add onto this workflow! Just create a pull request with a detailed description of your changes.