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DBLP to Zotero

An Alfred 4 workflow for lazy computer scientists.



dbz [query]

and this workflow will search DBLP for papers that match the given query (by title or authors) and show them in Alfred. Several actions may then be performed:

  • Return: Add selected paper to Zotero (needs some configuration: keep reading!)

  • Quick look (left shift): Show DBLP record page of selected paper in a Quick Look window

  • Cmd + Return: Open DBLP URL of selected paper in the default browser

  • Alt + Return: Copy DBLP URL of selected paper to clipboard


This workflow requires Python 3.7 or higher, with the following libraries: click, PyZotero, requests, xmltodict (see requirements.txt). You also need a Zotero account with an API key.

  1. Install Python 3.7 or higher
  2. Install the workflow
  3. Right-click on workflow, then "Open in Terminal"
  4. In Terminal: pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  5. Go back to Workflow screen, click on "Configure workflow and variables" (the [x] in the top-right corner)
  6. Insert the following values in the "Workflow Environment Variables" pane:
  • python3path: path to your Python3 interpreter. You should be able to find it by typing which python3 in a terminal window
  • ZOTEROID, ZOTEROKEY: ID and API key of your Zotero account.


This work would not exist if not for the incredible work of the Zotero and DBLP teams. If you enjoy using this workflow, please consider a donation to CHNM (Zotero's home), or a paid Zotero account.

Also, kudos to the Alfred team for developing a great tool!

That's all

Open an issue if you encounter problems while using this workflow.

Good luck with your research! 🙂