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Alfred mldocs

Alfred workflow for searching essential machine learning library API docs(it requires macOS, Alfred with Powerpack license). demo

Supported Libraries(all stable versions unless specified otherwise)


Checkout the Releases, download the latest mldocs.alfredworkflow, then double click it(You have to have Alfred + Powerpack License). For MacOS Monterey or newer versions, please install 1.x.x or new versions. For older MacOS versions, please use 0.0.5.


There is a background process that checks update every 7 days, and there will be an option to upgrade to the latest version. demo

  • ml workflow:update will force update.
  • ml workflow:noautoupdate will turn off the auto update.
  • ml workflow:autoupdate will enable the auto update.


For convenience, a few prefixes are automatically expanded(see PR for more).

  • np => numpy
  • pd => pandas
  • plt => pyplot
  • sns => seaborn

How does it work

  • mldocs fetches the doc data from Github(data/ml.json), then caches the data for a few days
  • The first query will be slow then it will be pretty fast afterwards
  • The plan is to update the ml.json periodically, so you won't have to update the workflow manually

Clear the Cache

To force update the local cache

  • ml workflow:delcache

Commonly used keywords

I've also merged my commonly used links(data/base.json) into the ml.json as well. If you want to add your favorite website or link please submit a PR(just edit the base.json).

keyword link description
Google Dataset Search

Google Dataset Search

You can enter the query directly in the Alfred with the keyword ml gds KEYWORD... demo

Papers With Code

You can enter the query directly in the Alfred with the keyword ml paper KEYWORD... demo

Supported Versions

  • ml.json will be periodically updated to the latest versions of TensorFlow & PyTorch

Keyword Descriptions

  • Not supported yet, but will add them in the future.


  • [x] add Scikit-learn support
  • [x] add NumPy support
  • [x] add Pandas support
  • [x] add Matplotlib support
  • [x] add Statsmodels support
  • [x] add Seaborn support
  • [x] add Jax support
  • [x] Add Ray support
  • [x] Add LightGBM support
  • [x] Add XGBoost support
  • [x] add Automatic Update
  • [ ] add Github Actions to generate ml.json
  • [ ] add keyword descriptions for TensorFlow
  • [ ] add keyword descriptions for PyTorch


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