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Alfred Gitlab

Quickly navigate to GitLab projects in Alfred 3.

Setup and Usage

  • Generate a GitLab personal access token ( then run glsetkey
  • (Optionally) Tell it where the GitLab API you want to connect to is by running glseturl https:///api/v4/projects
    • Defaults to's public API
  • search for projects with gl

Sub-Page Navigation

After selecting a repository, you are prompted with a page to navigate to. You can disable this behaviour by setting the quick_open workflow variable to true.

See the Alfred documentation on Workflow variables for more information on how to configure workflow variables.


By default, we will only show projects which you are a member of.


  • Optionally, allow you to search for non-membership repos
  • Add alfred-workflow updater notifications
  • Clean up

Thanks, License, Copyright

  • The Alfred-Workflow library is used heavily, and it's wonderful documentation was key in building the plugin.
  • The GitLab icon is used, care of GitLab.

All other code/media are released under the MIT Licence.