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I'm not an active Vagrant user and no longer maintaining this project.


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A workflow for Alfred2/3 which provides quick control over Vagrant.


  • List existing Vagrant environments
  • Filter environments by name, path or id
  • Execute actions on single machines or the whole environment



Downloads & Install

Download this workflow from GitHub (recommended) or from Packal.

Install by double clicking the downloaded file.

For additional instructions about installing workflows, check Alfred's support.


List Vagrant environments

To list all existing Vagrant environments, use keyword vagrant.

Filtering list

You can filter the list by machine name,environment path or machine id.

Filtering is done with fuzzy search.

Executing actions

To execute Vagrant commands directly from Alfred just choose the machine and press Enter (or Tab). You will get a list of possible actions for the chosen machine.

Avaliable actions will vary depending on machine's state. For example, if machine is stopped, you cannot run provision.

It also possible to run commands on multi machine Vagrantfile. Choose any action and hold the Command key while pressing enter.

NOTE: RDP & SSH actions will use Alfred's default terminal app which is configured in Alfred's setting.


Because environment variables are not propagated into OS X applications, the workflow comes with its own defaults:

  • Vagrant Index: the file where Vagrant stores it's internal state (~/.vagrant.d/data/machine-index/index by default)
  • PATH: the PATH variable specifies a set of directories where executable programs are located. It is where vagrant or VBoxManage executables are expected to be found (/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin by default)

If your setup is different, you should adjust these settings in the config file.

To open the config file - open Alfred and type vagrant workflow:settings.

In case you wish to reset setting to default type vagrant workflow:delsettings.


  1. Python 2.7 (Installed in OS X by default since 10.7)
  2. Alfred 2/3
  3. Vagrant (Preferebly 1.7+)


In case something isn't right, check the logs by typing vagrant workflow:openlog. I assume most of the issues will occur due to path variables.

Feel free to submit bug reports in the issue tracker, please include as much details as possible with logs.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Deanishe and his awesome alfred-workflow library which does most of the heavy lifting here.