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Search, select and execute Fastlane lanes directly from Alfred


  • βœ… Scrapes lanes from Fastfile
  • βœ… Optional caching for remote lanes
  • βœ… Auto-detects open Xcode project
  • βœ… Fuzzy matching
  • βœ… Supports parameters
  • βœ… In-Alfred settings flow

Getting started

  • Toggle Alfred β†’ type fl β†’ select path containing Fastlane folder β†©οΈŽ
  • With lane selected, hold ⌘ to toggle between bundle exec fastlane [lane] and fastlane [lane]
  • Hold βŒ₯ or ⇧ to pass parameters to selected lane
  • Lanes contained within the default path will be shown right after typing fl
  • default path can either be set via fl set or by '[selected path]' lanes: β†©οΈŽ
  • The frontmost open Xcode project is automatically used as default path (alternatively, press βŒƒβ‡§βŒ˜O in Xcode)

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