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From their README

Trello Alfred 4 Workflow

Alfred 4 workflow for Trello. Search your boards, quickly add cards, and view list of cards from Trello right in Alfred.


$ npm install --global alfred-trello

Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.


  • In Alfred, type t and your query to search for your Trello boards. Press Enter to open the board's URL.
  • In Alfred, type tt, and press Enter to show the cards in your specifed board.
  • In Alfred, type tcand your query. Press Enter to add a card to your specified list.

Workflow Configuration (Environment Variables)

name value
key Get Trello API key
token Get Trello API token
board Get board id from the board URL
list Get the list id from your Trello board
user Get your Trello username


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