wifi control

From their README

Alfred Workflow - Wi-Fi Control

Alfred workflow to control Wi-Fi. It can turn on, turn off, toggle or restart the Wi-Fi.

How to use

Install the workflow and type one of the following keyword on Alfred: "wifi"

The workflow will suggest all the available actions.

tw screenshot

  • Wi-Fi On: To turn on the Wi-Fi. If it is on this command doesn't have effects.
  • Wi-Fi Off: To turn off the Wi-Fi. If it is off this command doesn't have effects.
  • Wi-Fi Toggle: To turn on the Wi-Fi if it is off, and off if it is on.
  • Wi-Fi Restart: To restart the Wi-Fi.

The commands are not strict and difficult to memorize: the suggestions are filtered based on the multiple way you could express your intention. For example, to turn on the Wi-Fi you can write phrases like: "wifi on", "wifi activate", "wifi up", etc.

General notes

  • The workflow is compatible with Alfred 2 and Alfred 3
  • Once the workflow has been imported, feel free to change the default keywords if you don't like them.