git clone

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An Alfred workflow to clone git repos like a master 🐑🐑



Download the latest version from Releases and double click the downloaded file to install it.


Note: Clipboard history must be enabled in order for us to scrape. Enable this via Alfred Preferences > Features > Clipboard History.

  1. Copy the repo URL to the clipboard (ending in .git).
  2. Open Alfred and start typing the keyword clone to trigger the workflow.
  3. Confirm the repo you're about to clone by pressing enter or press +enter to choose a different name.
  4. Browse your workspace and pick a destination folder. Start typing for filtering and then hit tab to drill into the selected folder or enter to clone into it.
  5. Wait until a notification pops up letting you know about the outcome of the operation. In case of success a terminal window will open inside the repo you just cloned.



If you carelessly copy over some items on top of your URL your repo will still be found. More specifically the last ten entries of your clipboard are scraped to look for valid git repos.


After some usage you will start seeing your most frequently used directories when browsing your workspace.


The following variables are meant to be set in the workflow configuration sheet:

  • workspace_dir: the path of the root folder where all your projects live (default:$HOME)
  • max_recent_items: max number of history items to show (default: 2)


This workflow uses the awesome 😎 Alfred-Workflow Python library by deanishe.

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