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AsciiMath for Alfred

An Alfred 4 workflow that renders math as you type and lets you copy the PNG and LaTeX.


My fashcard software supports neither LaTeX nor MathML. Given that image is the only way to go, I created this workflow.

Usage instructions

  1. Open Alfred
  2. Type ` (backtick)
  3. Start typing a math expression in AsciiMath syntax.
  4. As soon as you start typing, another window opens and it displays the typesetted math in real time as you type.
  5. Pressing enter closes both alfred and the math window, and puts a PNG image into clipboard.
  6. Instead of pressing enter, if you pressed command + enter, it copies LaTeX instead of the image to clipboard.

Built-in reference

If you are stuck in middle of typing, just stop, hit shift, and it'll pop up a reference. When done consulting the reference, hit escape, and start typing from where you left off!

Icon credits

Icon by Freepik from Flaticon