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CleanShot X 🤝 Alfred



  • Capture Area
  • Capture Area and Pin to the Screen
  • Capture Area and Annotate
  • Capture Fullscreen
  • Capture Fullscreen and Pin to the Screen
  • Capture Fullscreen and Annotate
  • Capture Previous Area
  • Capture Text using OCR
  • Capture Window
  • Capture Window and Pin to the Screen
  • Capture Window and Annotate
  • Annotate Image from Clipboard
  • Pin to the Screen from Clipboard
  • Annotate Image
  • Pin to the Screen
  • Record Screen
  • Restore Recently Closed File
  • Scrolling Capture
  • Self Timer
  • Show / Hide Desktop Icons
  • Open All-in-One Mode
  • Open Capture History


all actions part 1 all actions part 2 clipboard actions file actions


This workflow is based on Raycast's CleanShot X script commands.

Icon Credits

Some icons from by srip, Gregor Cresnar, and freepik from flaticon.