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Spotight-like rich previews for Alfred workflows.

AlfredExtraPane is an experimental app that renders HTML from quicklookurl of every item in the JSON produced by Alfred Workflows.

How does it do it?

Alfred has an experimental "Press Secretary" to publish macOS distributed notifications. These notifications contain all the information needed to be able to show the extra pane.

Adding to workflow

Any workflow that produces items with quicklookurls that are either HTML files or HTTP links automatically causes the extra pane to show up with the quicklookurl loaded in it.

Alfred theme support

Alfred's themes are stored in JSON files. Here's a snippet from one such file:

  "alfredtheme" : {
    "result" : {
      "textSpacing" : 10,
      "subtext" : {
        "size" : 11,
        "colorSelected" : "#6E7073FF",
        "font" : "System Light",
        "color" : "#6E7073E5"}}}}

The pane converts this into CSS variables and injects them into the HTML. The CSS looks like this:

:root {
  --result-textSpacing: 10px;
  --result-subtext-size: 11px;
  --result-subtext-colorSelected: "#6E7073FF";
  --result-subtext-font: "System Light";
  --result-subtext-color: "#6E7073E5";

As a workflow author, when you generate the HTML, use these variables in it. The pane will make sure they're injected. Check out the tutorial for a quick walk-through.

What's not yet supported?

  • Configurability
    • Workflows should be able to opt out of the extra pane
    • Workflows should be able to configure the position and dimensions of the pane


The appearance of the pane(s) can be configured by editing {/path/to}/Alfred.alfredpreferences/preferences/mr.pennyworth.AlfredExtraPane/config.json

Here's an example with four panes configured:

  "workflowUID" : "*",
  "alignment" : {
    "horizontal" : {"placement" : "right", "width" : 300, "minHeight" : 400}}
}, {
  "workflowUID" : "*",
  "alignment" : {
    "horizontal" : {"placement" : "left", "width" : 300, "minHeight" : 400}}
}, {
  "workflowUID" : "*",
  "alignment" : {
    "vertical" : {"placement" : "top", "height" : 100}}
}, {
  "workflowUID" : "*",
  "alignment" : {
    "vertical" : {"placement" : "bottom", "height" : 200}}


Here's a script filter that produces a result:

This is what you get when you run it:

Now, let's attch an HTML preview to this result. Create /tmp/one.html:



Change the script filter:

cat << EOF
{"items" : [
  {"title": "One",
   "quicklookurl": "/tmp/one.html"}

And the preview shows up!

Now let's make the preview blend-in with the theme. Here's a snippet from relevant parts of Alfred's theme:

  "alfredtheme" : {
    "result" : {
      "backgroundSelected" : "#00000054",
      "text" : {
        "size" : 22,
        "colorSelected" : "#E1E1E2FF",
        "font" : "System Light",
        "color" : "#A8A8ABFF"}}}}

Looking at the variable names in the above JSON, add the style section to /tmp/one.html:



Themed previews should show up: