From their README

[!WARNING] This workflow is not maintained. The main reason being the author not using GIFs anymore. Consider which seems to be actively maintained as of 18 June 2024.

Alfred GIF Search

Search for GIFs and animated stickers on Tenor and Giphy from Alfred.

Here's an example of searching and inserting a GIF in a google doc:

Animated stickers are also GIFs, but they typically tend to have a transparent background. Here's an example of how animated stickers look like:


  1. Download the latest release.
  2. In Alfred, run .setup-gif-search.

Giphy Setup


  • In Alfred, one of the following keywords followed by search query:
    • gif: search Tenor for GIFs
    • giphy: search Giphy for GIFs
    • sticker: search Tenor for stickers
    • gsticker: search Giphy for stickers
  • Press .
  • Use arrow keys or mouse to browse the GIFs.
  • To copy the selected GIF to clipboard:
    • either ⌘↩
    • or ⌘-click
  • To copy the URL of selected GIF to clipboard:
    • either ⌥↩
    • or ⌥-click
  • To drop the GIF into apps that support it:
    • drag from Alfred and drop into that app


Firefox and Chrome don't support pasting GIFs from clipboard. That is, if you copy a GIF to clipboard and paste it, it shows up as a static image, not an animated GIF. This is not a bug in this workflow, but rather just the way these browsers have decided to handle GIFs.

Both Chrome and Firefox support drag-n-drop. If you use either of these browsers, sorry, you gotta use the mouse!