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SBB/CFF/FFS (Swiss Railway) Timetable Workflow for Alfred

This workflow allows you to show SBB train connections.


Shows the following information for connections:

  • Station names, performs 'best guess' on addresses
  • Departure and arrival time
  • Duration of travel
  • Train types and names
  • Number of transfers

Results are sorted from earliest to latest departure.

Installation & Requirements

For this workflow you need

To install, download the latest release and open the .alfredworkflow file.

Usage & Commands

You can enter cities, station names or addresses.


Listing connections from Zurich to Basel.


  • From main station to main station:

    sbb Zurich Basel

    This will list trains going from Zurich main station to Basel main station.

  • From one station to another station:

    sbb Zurich, Belevue Basel

    This will list trains going from from Zurich, Bellevueplatz to Basel. Note that the typo 'Belevue' (instead of 'Bellevue') is automatically corrected and results are returned for Bellevueplatz.

The workflow will perform a 'best guess' on the station name, e.g. 'Bannhof' is interpreted as 'Bahnhof', or 'Bellevue' is interpreted as 'Zürich, Bellevueplatz'.

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How to Contribute

Please see the contribution guidelines.


  • 0.0.1 (2016-07-25)
    • Initial version