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Alfred Web Searches Workflows Thanks

Alfred workflow to search through any website (easily extendable list)


This workflow similar to DuckDuckGo Bangs allows you to fuzzy search through a selection of websites that you can add and contribute to.

You simply search for the website you want to scope your search too, press enter and make your search.

Some results have a prefix to signify the scope of the search. For example results prefixed with r: will search through Reddit subreddits. Here is the full list of prefixes and their descriptions.

Prefix Description
r: Search subreddits on Reddit
d: Search documentation websites
g: Search GitHub
s: Search stack exchange sites
f: Search forums
t: Search Google Translate

Each prefix also has a corresponding icon for visual feedback of prefix meaning.

And since the workflow allows for fuzzy searching, you can even make searches like that:


And they will match.

You can also attach a hotkey that will take the selected text and then will let you search for that text on any of the websites.


Download workflow from GitHub releases.

See here for instructions on fixing permissions in macOS refusing to run Go binary.


See contribution guidelines.

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