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Alfred CorrectSpelling Workflow

CorrectSpelling Preview

CorrectSpelling checks and corrects spelling in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian.

Download: CorrectSpelling.alfredworkflow

How to use it

Select and Tap

  1. Select a word or sentence
  2. Press the shortcut you set

Then the spelling would be corrected and replaced.


If it's your first time using CorrectSpelling, you need to set the shortcuts first.

  1. Find the hotkey box of your prefered language on the left side. Double click it.
  2. Set a shortcut. I would recommend using ⌥⌥ (double-pressing Option button )

Welcome to feedbacks

The language performances still differ, and I spent most time tuning the accuracy of English correction. However, I will keep improving the performance if there is feedback in the future.

Please open an issue if you met some difficulties or errors when using this workflow. Thank you.

Special Thanks

This workflow would not exist without @vitorgalvao and his Workflows